A Positive Mindset for 2019

It’s a new year. . . the beginning of a new cycle around the sun, and an opportunity to set a resolution to be a better, stronger person than the year before.

One of the biggest lessons that Graves has taught me is that “things are what you make of them.” I always reflect on this lesson at the start of every new year since my diagnosis and recovery.

“How will I choose to live 2019?”

You can either make Graves Disease the worst experience of your life, OR you can make it the best experience of your life. The choice is really up to you.

Choosing to make it the worst experience of your life won’t get you anywhere. If anything, choosing this path will cause more stress and will likely make your symptoms worse.

I understand it may be hard to see the silver lining in Grave’s Disease, but trust me, it’s there. You just have to allow yourself to see it. For me, the silver lining was learning how strong I really am. It’s taught me to confront other challenges head on. It’s made me grateful for not being diagnosed with something worse. It was fun being able to eat “second breakfast” while it lasted. But most importantly, it’s taught me one of the biggest lessons I have ever learned in my life. . .


Sometimes you have to surrender to the things you have no control over. I can never change the fact that I have Graves Disease. This is part of me. This is who I am. I’ve decided to let it be the part of me that inspires others to overcome their worries about Graves Disease. This is the part of me that is resilient, the part of me that is a fighter. This is the part of me that allows me to see things with more clarity, more perspective, than anything else I have ever seen before. This is the part of me that makes me fearless. This is the best part of me!

How will you move forward with Graves Disease in 2019? Comment below and let the world know!

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One thought on “A Positive Mindset for 2019

  • Dear Michell. Again thank you thank you thank you!
    The fact that you continue to take the the time to post your journey touches my heart. Your posts have been so comforting to me. My daughter is still on a slow road to to recovery (been on meds for about 10 weeks, tweaked once) but finds your messages so encouraging. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, we are truly grateful for you.
    God Blesss
    Paula xooxox

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